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A single-premium income annuity (SPIA) can help you support a comfortable and worry-free retirement. Convert a portion of your wealth into an income stream and increase the likelihood of covering your basic expenses for as long as you live.

A SPIA is a contractual promise from an insurance company to send you income checks for a guaranteed period of your choosing. Regardless of present or future economic conditions, your check will not change. You have numerous choices of guaranteed periods ie from 10-30 years. You may also choose checks that last for your lifetime and that of your spouse. You can receive your income checks monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We can even deposit your check directly to your bank account.

If you know how much you want to deposit, we can tell you how much income that will provide under your various options OR, if you know how much income you need to receive, we can tell you how much you will need to deposit.

Need Retirement Income You Can’t Outlive?

Watch Meg’s story about securing a lifetime income using a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA). She uses a SPIA to alleviate concerns about outliving her retirement assets and being unable to meet her monthly expenses.

For more information on SPIAs, take a look at the Start Guaranteed Income Now section of the the Additional Information & Resources page.

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